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The Alaska Adventure Tours Team | About us

Martha Rogers - Tour Guide: Spending her childhood on a ranch near Beaver Creek, Colorado, Martha grew up living and working in the great outdoors. After graduating with a business degree from the Colorado State University, Martha pursued the elusive college d ream of using her education within the recreational business during the past 6 years. Martha's quest has taken her from hiking trips at the Denali, Gates of the Arctic and Katmai National Parks in Alaska; skiing the Rocky Mountains in Alberta and BC; mountain biking  rafting, canoeing and guided activities throughout Alaska and the Yukon.
Timothy McVeal - Tour Guide & New Tourism Development: He grew up in Alaska and developed a love for the outdoors on many camping, wilderness and ski tours before moving to Seattle for the winter months. Timothy earned a degree in Adventure Based Tourism Program Management from the Lyndon State College in Vermont. He has studied everything from outdoor safety to web design but these days he spend most of his time traveling with our clients in Alaska and Canada experiencing new and exciting places and to develop our winter Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) and Iditarod programs.
Tom Reynolds - New Media & Accounting: With years of experience in both the web and the graphic design - Tom previously worked as a team lead for the University of Alaska in Anchorage before joining the Alaska Travel Service team. In his position Tom is responsible for our many international web sites, online customer support, CMS and software development, all accounting and tax issues as well as our back end customer information system. He also works for a large number of our individual tourism product supplier throughout Alaska and Canada. Any problems or questions about the web - please contact him.
Andrea - Customer Support: Andrea has been within the travel industry for over 10 years, having owned and operated her own travel business in Seattle, Washington State. She supports our clients in their new experiences and tries to send them home with memories and possibly some new meaning in their often busy and hectic lives and - to make new friends along the way. She has been a guide in Alaska for us for the past five seasons and is now responsible for our customer support department. She gets out regularly from behind her desk to develop new exciting tour products and does supplier quality checks within Alaska and the Yukon.
Joanna Barstow - Office & Tour Planning Services: Joanna has developed an early appreciation and love for the outdoors while growing up within the Canadian Rockies. She spend her childhood in Banff and Yoho National Parks, Canada and later went on to obtain a degree in Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism in order to continue her active lifestyle. She loves to show clients around Alaska and to assist with individual tour planning activities such as self drive tours and softadventures. Joanna guides at least two of our 14-day van tours during the season.



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