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Alaska Adventure Tours LLC | Reservation Policy


Each client shall register before submitting and/or purchasing any tour package or other services through Alaska Travel Service or it’s  affiliates. Each client shall be solely responsible to familiarize himself with the following agreements before submitting a reservation or a reservation request:

  • Reservation Terms and Policies
  • Privacy Policy
  • Website Disclaimer
  • Use of Website, Forums & Blogs
  • Copyright Notice

The above agreements are considerably accepted, understood and agreed upon through the client after submitting the reservation and/or a request. Reservations are generally subject to a written confirmation from Alaska Travel Service and/or it’s affiliates. Adjustments to payment terms and/or changes to any of our established policies and/or agreements may not be permitted/accepted without a written approval from Alaska Travel Service. Any modifications of a confirmed reservation are subject to a written reconfirmation from Alaska Travel Service or its affiliates and applicable service charges and/or cancellation fees.


We require the following personal registration information from our clients:

  • Personal Address
  • First & Last Names of all Travelers
  • Phone Number
  • eMail Address
  • Tour Numbers
  • Travel Dates
  • Payment Details

Some of our tours may require additional information to complete an entire tour package or a reservation.


We do not provide third parties with any details of your reservation – even if you personally authorize such a request in any form. Your personal information will be solely used to complete the reservation as required by our suppliers. The entire reservation correspondence between our company and our clients is strictly confidential and private. None of the contents may be published or distributed to third parties.


All advertised and published tour destination rates are in the following currency: (1) United States ($) US Dollar (2) Canada ($) CAD Dollar - unless otherwise specified and/or confirmed in written. The client may request an exchange rate for any tradable currency at the time of reservation but the client still remains responsible for any currency exchange rate increase above 5 % until the actual departure date. Currency exchange rate decreases are not affected through this policy. Any other arrangements thereof need to be confirmed in written through Alaska Travel Service.


Our published accommodation, transportation, sightseeing and/or tour package rates are including all applicable taxes and mandatory third party service charges levied at the time of publication - unless otherwise specified. Applicable tax rates are subject to change without further notice. We reserve the right to adjust also confirmed rates if the current tax rates are changing.


In order to guarantee any travel and tour package – we require a security deposit within seven (7) days after you receive the written tour confirmation. Please check your invoice for payment amount and account details. Any late deposit and/or balance payments as well as non-authorized deductions from the invoice may result in an automatic cancellation. Cancellation fees are still applying to such involuntarily cancellations according to the cancellation fee policies and terms hereunder and are payable through the client immediately upon receipt. We will not reinstate any canceled reservation due to non-payment. As a guaranteed form of payment we accept either personal checks, money order, credit card as well as direct bank transfer deposits or wire payments. Credit cards are only accepted via PayPal with a supplementary processing fee of three percent (3 %). The credit card service fee (if applicable) will be added to your final invoice at the time of reservation. All reservations must be paid in full prior to your arrival and on the dates indicated on our invoice. Any reservation made less than 60 days prior to the travel date is subject to immediate full payment of the invoice. Service fees, bank charges, currency fluctuations and/or processing and bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the sender. Occurring charges will be charged back to the sender.


Unused tour services or any portion thereof are non refundable. Cancellations or tour changes after the departure date are subject to applicable cancellation fees. Any tour supplier may cancel a tour due to inclement weather conditions or for any other reasons beyond his/our control. If this applies we refund the original tour price less a service charge of $50.00. No further claims through the client are accepted or applicable. Refund requests are only honored within fourteen (14) days upon cancellation in written and each request need to be accompanied by the appropriate documentation. Please allow a processing time of approximately six (6) weeks.


If you have a complaint please inform our company and the supplier of the tour immediately – at the latest within 24 hours - after an incident, complication or problem occurred. Complaints after departure or delayed complaints - for whatever reason - are not honored through Alaska Travel Service.


We reserve the right to change any advertised or confirmed tour schedule or itinerary as deemed necessary to complete the entire tour and/or to modify particular parts of it with a similar program and/or itinerary. If our regularly used and advertised hotels and rental car provider are sold out we reserve the right to substitute a hotel/car of a similar category - or upgrade clients at our discretion. Motorhome and camper rental vehicles may be upgraded at our discretion if the originally reserved vehicle is not available for any reason. Alaska Travel Service will not be responsible for any additional expenses occurring through vehicle up/downgrades.


All published information, rates, tour descriptions, images, group size/capacity information and terms are subject to change without further notice and may be used as a guideline only. We cannot assume responsibility for any of the published and/or submitted information.


A valid driver license and a valid major credit card are mandatory for all individual vehicle rentals and/or tour packages including vehicle rentals. Driving on non paved roads and highways is prohibited. If you drive on non paved roads (gravel roads) you'll do this on your own risk, the insurance coverage may be void and you may be responsible for any damages. All car and motorhome rentals are requiring also a valid credit card. There are no exceptions !.


Every client shall be responsible for obtaining valid travel documents, complying with customs and other regulations of the country to which they are traveling. Our company and/or affiliates cannot accept responsibility for any problems related to these issues.  Travel documents may be (1) issued electronically (2) mailed through regular mail (3) mailed through UPS at the clients expenses (4) picked up at the first destination hotel


Alaska Travel Service, its employees, agents and/or affiliates acting only as agents - and therefore none of them shall be liable for any injury, damage, loss, loss claims, accident or delay which may be generated by reason of any company or person who engaged in conveying the travelers, or otherwise in connection therewith, or of any hotel owner, manager or employee. Therefore, we accept no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delay or changes in train -, bus -, ship -, airplane - or other services, sickness, weather, war, quarantine, government action or other causes.


Any modification to a tour up to ninety (90) days prior to the actual travel date - e.g. passenger names, departure date, accommodation - or similar modifications are subject to a change fee payable together with the final balance amount. The following charges are applying per booking/party:

  • Sightseeing Tours & Individual Hotel Reservations $20.00
  • All Tour Packages $75.00

Any modifications made less than 90 days prior to the departure date are considered cancellations and are subject to cancellation fees according to the cancellation fee policy hereunder. Please forward all requests for changes and/or cancellation only in written.


The following cancellation (No-Show) fees are applicable without exceptions to every confirmed reservation and/or voluntarily or involuntarily cancellation due to non-payment of the deposit and/or balance. We highly recommend obtaining sufficient third party cancellation insurance. Please refer to the websites for additional information. All cancellation fees are due immediately after receipt of the appropriate invoice. Occurring fees may be deducted from the initially received deposit or balance payments.


Tour Packages | Rail Tours, Self Drive Tours, Motorcoach Tours, Lodge Packages, Fishing Packages, Hiking Tours, Aurora Tours, Iditarod Tours

  • Up to 90 days in advance – 15 % of the total invoice amount
  • Up to 60 days in advance – 20 % of the total invoice amount
  • Up to 45 days in advance – 25 % of the total invoice amount
  • Up to 30 days in advance – 50 % of the total invoice amount
  • Less than 30 days in advance – 100 % of the total invoice amount

Cruises | Cruise Tours

  • Up to 90 days in advance – 25 % of the total invoice amount
  • Up to 60 days in advance – 50 % of the total invoice amount
  • Less than 60 days in advance -  No Refund

Rental Cars

  • Up to 30 days in advance – 25 % of the total invoice amount
  • Up to 14 days in advance – 50 % of the total invoice amount
  • Less than 14 days in advance - No Refund

Individual Hotel Accommodation

  • Up to 45 days in advance 50 % of all applicable charges
  • Less than 45 days in advance 100 % of all applicable charges

Escorted Group Tours | Custom Group Tours

  • Up to 90 days in advance – 50 % of the total invoice amount
  • Up to 60 days in advance – 75 % of the total invoice amount
  • Less than 45 days in advance - No Refund

Motorhome | Camper Reservation

  • Up to 90 days in advance - 25 % of the total invoice amount
  • Up to 60 days in advance - 50 % of the total invoice amount
  • Up to 30 days in advance - 75 % of the total invoice amount
  • Less than 30 days in advance - No Refund


We do not provide any of the reserved and confirmed services to clients unless full payment has been received on/or before the due date(s) indicated on our invoice. We reserve the right to automatically cancel the entire travel package without a further reminder if the deposit and/or balances are not paid at the due date indicated on our invoice.


Currently we do not provide travel services to Washington residents.



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